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How do I find out What’s Going on in the Union?

Get the latest news from our labor organization IAFF Local 399 at

What does the Union do?

Local 399 fights to better members’ wages, hours and working conditions and on behalf of members’ interests in the legislative, political and social landscapes.

What is Beaumont’s ISO Rating?

In 2012, the City of Beaumont was evaluated and received a PPC 2 rating. The highest PPC rating achieved by the city was PPC 4.

What is the Insurance Services Office?

The ISO is a source of information about property insurance risk. It provides statistical, underwriting, actuarial and claims information, as well as technical assistance to a broad spectrum of commercial and personal insurance providers. Using the Fire Suppression Rating Schedule (FSRS), ISO evaluates the ability of local fire departments to respond to and suppress fires.

Does the ISO determine what I Pay for Insurance?

No. Insurance companies – not the ISO – establish the premiums they charge to policy holders. The PPC may affect an insurer’s underwriting and pricing decisions for both personal and commercial insurance coverage, including homeowners, mobile home, fine arts floaters, and commercial property (including business interruption). Assuming all other factors are equal, the price of property insurance in a community with a good PPC is lower than in a community with a poor PPC.

How Do I Submit an Open Records Request?

Most open records requests go through the City Clerk’s website. For fire report requests, contact [email protected].

Multiple single search requests submitted individually from the same source, or requests requiring multiple searches will be bundled and routed prior to processing. Depending on the type of information and time it takes to compile, fees may be charged.

What Information May I Request?

There are three types of single search records that can be distributed directly from the fire department: A fire department response record, a fire code violation record, and an environmental site assessment record.

Is There a Fee for an Open Records Request?

There is no charge for conducting a single search to retrieve one of the individual records listed above. All other records requests must be routed through the City Clerk’s office.

How Do I Request a Single Record Search or Individual Report?

By email to [email protected] or standard mail.*

In your request, please include:

  • Your name & phone number
  • Address of the property
  • Date of the response (if applicable)

Mailing Address: Beaumont Fire-Rescue Services

400 Walnut @ Mulberry P.O. Box 3827 Beaumont, TX 77701

*For return by standard mail, please include a self-addressed stamped envelope.

What Do I Need a Permit for?

Permits are required in the City of Beaumont for a variety of activities, events, and construction or demolition projects. The fire department specifically issues permits for Fire Protection Systems, Storage Tanks & Fuel Dispensing Systems, Temporary Tents, Open Burns, and Fireworks. For more information on what is required and how to apply, reach out to the Fire Marshall’s Office or check out our permit page.

Information on any other type of permits can be obtained from Building Codes at 409-880-3762.

How Do I Schedule a Fire Code Enforcement Inspection?

Contact the BFRS Community Risk Reduction Division:

By Phone: 409-880-3905 (between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Mon.-Fri.)

By Email:  [email protected]

What Inspection Reports are Available?

Fire code inspection reports are available for most properties that have been inspected by Beaumont Fire-Rescue over the last 10 years. Older information may be available on some properties. State and federal building records are not available, nor is information on single family residences.

Can Fire Code Compliance Inspectors do Surprise Check Ups?

Yes. The fire department inspects facilities that pose a greater threat to life safety in the event of a fire – hospitals, day cares, schools, or nursing homes – more frequently than other commercial occupancy. Other target hazards include businesses that may store large amounts of hazardous materials or buildings over four stories. Routine inspections of standard commercial occupancies are completed as scheduling and staffing permits.

The Community Risk Reduction Division also accepts complaints from citizens about businesses or properties that may pose a potential life safety risk or fire hazard. Examples may include locked or blocked exits, overcrowding, vehicles parked in fire lanes, tall weeds, or combustible materials near structures. We do our best to investigate and bring resolution to all complaints.

What Fire and Building Codes have been Adopted by the City of Beaumont?

The City of Beaumont most recently adopted the 2015 editions of the International Fire Code and International Building Code. These two codes may be purchased from the International Code Council, Inc.

The City of Beaumont also adopted several local amendments to address local concerns. These local amendments, as well as service fees, may be viewed in Section 8.01.001 of the City of Beaumont Code of Ordinances.

The International Fire Code requires compliance with many standards set by the National Fire Protection Association. These can be purchased through the NFPA website.

I’m Confused About Code Requirements. Can You Help?

If you have questions specifically about fire or life safety codes, call the Fire Department’s Community Risk Reduction Division at 409-880-3905 or email [email protected]. A fire marshal will answer your question or schedule time for a consultation.

If you have general questions about City Requirements, contact the Building Codes Division at 409-880-3792 or [email protected]

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