Community Risk Reduction

Crucial for keeping citizens and first responders safe.

Code Compliance

The fire code reduces the chances of loss of life or property and is critical in reducing risk to both citizens and firefighters.

Building information is collected and updated during the plans review, permitting, and inspection processes, so that if a fire does occur, firefighters have access to information about design features and other factors that can impact rescue, fire suppression, property conservation efforts, and firefighter safety.

Everything You Need to Know About Code Compliance:

How do I Schedule a Fire Code Enforcement Inspection?

Contact the BFRS Community Risk Reduction Division to make an appointment. Inspections are normally scheduled between 8:30 a.m. and noon and 1 p.m-5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

By Phone: 409-880-3905 (between 8:00am and 5:00pm, Monday – Friday)

By Email: [email protected]

Can Fire Code Compliance Inspectors Come Without an Appointment?

Yes. The fire department inspects facilities that pose a greater threat to life safety in the event of a fire – hospitals, day cares, schools, or nursing homes – more frequently than other commercial occupancy. Other target hazards include businesses that may store large amounts of hazardous materials or buildings over four stories. Routine inspections of standard commercial occupancies are completed as scheduling and staffing permits.

The Community Risk Reduction Division also accepts complaints from citizens about businesses or properties that may pose a potential life safety risk or fire hazard. Examples may include locked or blocked exits, overcrowding, vehicles parked in fire lanes, tall weeds, or combustible materials near structures. We do our best to investigate and bring resolution to all complaints.

What Inspection Reports are Available through the Fire Department?

Fire code inspection reports are available for most properties that have been inspected by Beaumont Fire-Rescue over the last 10 years.

Older information may be available on some properties. State and federal building records are not available, nor is information on single family residences. Submit an open records request for a property you’re interested in.

What Fire and Building Codes have been Adopted by the City of Beaumont?

The City of Beaumont adopted the 2015 editions of the International Fire Code and International Building Code and are working towards adopting the 2021 editions in the near future. These two codes may be purchased from the International Code Council, Inc.

The City of Beaumont also adopted several local amendments to address local concerns. These local amendments, as well as service fees, may be viewed in Section 8.01.001 of the City of Beaumont Code of Ordinances.

The International Fire Code requires compliance with many standards set by the National Fire Protection Association. These can be purchased through the NFPA website.

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