Fire Cadet Program

The Cadet Program is for individuals who are already EMT certified looking to become dual certified firefighters. They have already passed their medical, physical and psychological exams. Are you up to the challenge?

1. Applicant


To apply for a Fire Cadet position, candidates must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Be eighteen (18) years of age to take the written examination and must not be thirty-six (36) years of age or older on start date of employment.
  • Be a graduate of an accredited High School or have an equivalency certificate (GED).
  • Must possess or have the capability to obtain a valid Texas Driver’s License by start date of employment.
  • Be authorized to work in the United States.
  • Have a current National Registry Certification and able to obtain an EMT, EMT-A or EMT Paramedic License with Texas Department of State Health Services by start date of employment. 
  • Be able to read, write and speak the English Language.

2.Physical Agility Test

After meeting the minimum requirements and successfully passing the entrance exam, applicants must complete a series of physical tests and assessments:

  • Perform 1 Minute Sit-Up Test – Minimum – 26 sit-ups.
  • Recover 5 minutes.
  • Perform 300 Meter Run – Time Limit – 81 seconds.
  • Recover 5-10 minutes.
  • Perform 1 Minute Push-Up Test – Minimum – 20 push-ups.
  • Recover 5 Minutes
  • Perform 1.5 Mile Run Test – Time Limit – 16:39
  • Aerial Ladder Climb – 100’ at a 75-degree angle

3. Cadet

Firefighter Cadets will be appointed to the LIT Fire Academy by the Fire Chief. These individuals will undergo a semester of extensive academic and physical training.  

4. Sworn In

After completing the LIT Fire Academy and successfully passing TCFP State Examination Cadet will be officially sworn in as TCFP Firefighter/EMT for a one-year probationary period. 

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