Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

Providing an elite level of emergency medical care and frontline access to the public health network.

Emergency Medical Services

Beaumont EMS is a division of the Fire Department and the sole 9-1-1 provider for the city. They average 19,000 requests for service each year. We maintain an exceptional level of clinical expertise through effective training, continuing education, quality improvement and the application of current medical technology. The City of Beaumont EMS provides this exceptional emergency care as an extension of definitive medical care regardless of age, sex, race, or financial status.


  • Schedule
    • (24/48) ABC Shift Averaging 56-hour work week
    • All hours over 40 paid at time-and-a-half
  • Electronic Documentation
    • Tablet Device – Electronic Health Records
    • Mobile Dispatch Computer (MDC)
  • EMS Fleet Resources
    • Mobile Intensive Care Unit (MICU)
    • FX Unit – Advanced Life Support Tahoe
    • Supervisor Unit – Advanced Life Support Tahoe
    • Admin Unit – Advanced Life Support Tahoe
    • MICU Trailer
  • EMS Structure
    • Health Services Director
    • Medical Director
    • EMS Manager
    • Clinical & Operations Supervisors
    • Shift Commander
    • Deputy Commander
    • Paramedic Specialist
    • Field Training Officer
    • Paramedic-2
    • Paramedic-1
    • EMT-Intermediate
    • EMT-Basic
  • Ambulance Permits

Join Our Team

When you work for BEMS, you’re working with a distinguished group of medics with an average of 15 years of experience. We truly believe we have some of the best and most dedicated medical professionals in the region. The City of Beaumont Health Services – EMS currently has openings for:

  • Emergency Medical Techinican (Full-time and Part-time)
  • Advanced Emergency Medical Techinican (Full-time and Part-time)
  • Paramedic (Full-time and Part-time/Casual)

Hiring Process

The written examination consists of approximately 50 multiple choice questions for each specific certification level (EMT, AEMT, and Paramedic). The paramedic written exam also includes ECG interpretation.

Practical Skills Testing – skill sheets will be that of National Registry

Paramedic & Advanced EMT Levels

EMT Level

All Levels – Scenario Testing

The oral interview will be conducted by the EMS Manager, Clinical Supervisor, and Paramedic Supervisor. Personnel Background check, drug screen and psychological evaluation will be scheduled by the City of Beaumont Personnel department.

Education & Training

Clinical Excellence – PROTOCOLS

BEMS Monthly CE Topics:

  • Differential based
  • Provide off-line medical control direction
  • Limited reliance upon on-line medical control
  • Advanced Procedures
  • RSII
  • EZ-IO (Adult and Pediatric)
  • Surgical Airway
  • Chest decompression
  • Initiation of Cardiac, Stroke, and Trauma Alerts
  • Nitroglycerine drip

Clinical Excellence – EDUCATION

Continuing Education Program

Beaumont EMS Continuing Education (CE) Program is certified by the Texas Department of State Health Services (TX-DSHS). Approved CE hours are verified by our in-house EMS Coordinator. Monthly continuing education classes provided to all employees and other healthcare providers. 12-Lead ECG Interpretation and Emergency Airway Management classes are presented annually. Topics are taken from the recommendation of our QA/QI Program. Our Medical Director also participates in this program by presenting expert subject matter topics. BEMS employees are paid to attend these classes:

  • Certification Courses
    • Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS)
    • Basic Life Support (BLS)
    • Pediatric Education Prehospital Professionals (PEPP) or Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS)
    • International Trauma Life Support (ITLS) or Prehospital Trauma Life Support(PHTLS)

The classes are provided at no cost to employees.

BEMS partners with local hospital Continuing Education Departments to facilitate some of the above courses.

Clinical Excellence – TRAINING

New Employee Training Program (NETP) Classroom didactic training; 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. EMT-B will be required to sit through 5 weeks of training. EMT-I will be required to sit through 4 weeks of training. EMT-P will be required to sit through 3 weeks of training. Knowledge of protocols and skills:

  • Pathophysiology of common disease processes
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • CEU awarded
  • Field Training and Evaluation
  • Assigned to a Field Training Officer (FTO), as third-man on the unit.
  • Introduction and application of differential protocols.
  • Ten (10) shifts minimum required.
  • Field evaluation:
  • Release from NETP
  • Release from probationary period
  • Paramedic-1 Evaluation
  • Paramedic-2 Evaluation
  • Focus Evaluation
  • Remedial Evaluation
  • Protocol Examination
  • 80% required to obtain/maintain Authorization for Clinical Practice
  • Two attempts allowed

Contact Us

Max Nguyen, LP
EMS Manager
Office (409)880-3922
Fax (409)832-2945
[email protected]


How am I Billed?

City of Beaumont EMS responds to 911 calls within Beaumont. We partner with the Beaumont Fire Department as first responders who provide assistance prior to our arrival. Beaumont EMS charges a user fee, just like your doctor’s office or the hospital emergency room.

By providing the EMS crew your insurance coverage information, our staff can bill your insurance provider, Medicare, Medicaid, MAP or workers compensation directly, so you can focus on a speedy recovery.

With Beaumont EMS, patient care does not end at the hospital emergency room. Our billing services are all done in-house so we can insure the same high-level customer service as we provide in our 911 Center and on the ambulances.

To update/submit new billing information please click here.

Privacy Notice

How do I contact the billing office?

Our billing office is reachable by phone at 409-880-3148 or by email [email protected]
Office Hours are Monday thru Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM.

Can I Get a Copy of Medical Records?


Patient request for medical records can be made by telephone at 409-880-3963. The patient must come in person, with a picture ID, to pick them up. If the patient cannot pick up their records due to a valid reason, a representative for the patient can pick up those records with a letter signed by the patient and picture IDs for both the patient and representative. There is a two (2) business day turn around time from request to pick up medical records.

Attorneys and Record Company Requests:

How do I get a copy of a medical record and billing statements? Mail requests to 3040 College St, Beaumont, Texas 77705-2251 OR Fax requests to 409.832.2945

Is there a fee? There is a $50 fee for a medical and/or billing search and $5 for each affidavit or set of cross questions.

What is considered a “rush quest”? A rush request will be handled as quickly as possible, but with the same procedures as all other requests.

Do we need to provide pre-payment for the records? Pre-payments are not required. An invoice will be sent.

How long are medical records kept? Medical records are kept for five (5) years.

Do you accept Letter of Protections? No, we do not accept Letter of Protections.

How Do I Pay?
What forms of payment do you accept?

Payment can be made by cash, check, money order and most credit cards: Master Card, Visa, American Express and Discover. Flex Cards are not accepted.

Can I make a payment online?

Yes, for more information go here.

Do you accept payment plans?

Yes, we will work with you to setup a payment plan that best meets your needs.

Where do I send my payments?

Send your payments to:

City of Beaumont
Central Collections Division
P.O. Box 3827
Beaumont, Texas 77701

If you mail your payments include your account number. DO NOT send cash through the mail.

Do You Accept Insurance?
Will EMS file a claim with the insurance company?

As a courtesy, EMS will file the claim if complete insurance information and a signature to pay the provider are received. EMS has 90 days from the date of service to file the claim to private insurance companies and Medicaid. If the insurance information is not received in enough time to allow for timely filing the patient will have to file the claim themselves.

Does the City accept retroactive Medicaid?

According to the Texas Medicaid Provider Procedures Manual Vol. 1, September, 2012, “If a person is not eligible for medical services under Texas Medicaid on the date of service, reimbursement for all care and services provided must be resolved between the provider and the client receiving the services. Providers are not required to accept Medicaid for services provided during the client’s retroactive eligibility period and may continue to bill the client for those services.” As of October 1, 2012, the City of Beaumont declares that it is under no obligation to accept Medicaid for services provided during the client’s retroactive eligibility period and may continue to bill the client for those services.

Why am I receiving a bill when I gave my insurance information to the paramedic?

The paramedics’ number one priority is the treatment and care of the patient. Sometimes complete insurance information is not documented.

How much will my insurance pay?

Insurance companies pay claims based on the type of coverage each individual policy provides. To determine this you must read the contract you have with your insurance company.
Medicare and Medicaid will absolutely not pay if you are not transported to a hospital. Medicare and Medicaid will also not pay if you are transported and they do not consider the reason for the transport to the hospital as life or limb threatening. Beaumont EMS does balance bill for any unpaid amount not received from the insurance company.

Why am I getting a bill when my insurance paid?

Beaumont EMS balance bills for all non-Medicare, Tricare, VA, Medicaid and Worker’s Compensation insurers. We do not have contracts with private insurance companies therefore we do not waive any unpaid portion of the bill.

If I was involved in an automobile accident, what insurance information do I need to provide?

Auto insurance, if you have personal injury protection (PIP), would be the primary insurance to file. If there is no PIP then submit your medical insurance information.

If I was injured on the job, what information do I need to file a claim?

We need the name of the employer, their physical business address and the name of their worker’s compensation carrier.

Can EMS Reduce the Bill?

As a governmental agency, Beaumont EMS is not able to adjust an outstanding balance and the State Constitution prohibits us from forgiving any debts that are owed.
The Texas Constitution: Article 3 – Legislative Department, Section 55 – Release or extinguishments of indebtedness to State, County, Subdivision, or Municipal Corporation. The Legislature shall have no power to release or extinguish, or to authorize the releasing or extinguishing, in whole or in part, the indebtedness, liability or obligation of any corporation or individual, to this State or to any county or defined subdivision thereof, or other municipal corporation therein, except delinquent taxes which have been due for a period of at least ten years (Amended Nov. 8, 1932).

The Patient has Passed Away, What Happens to the Bill?

If the patient has a surviving spouse, the spouse is responsible for the bill. If the patient had insurance we will file the claim and balance bill the surviving spouse. If the patient is not survived by a spouse the executor of the estate is responsible for ensuring payment. If there is no estate, no insurance and no spouse the account is put on an indefinite hold. We must receive documentation that there is no means to pay the account and a copy of the death certificate.

Does Beaumont EMS Bill the Person that Causes the Accident if it was not the Patient’s Fault?

No, Beaumont EMS only bills the person that used the service.

I did Not Call EMS, Why am I Receiving a Bill?

If you were provided a service that has a fee, you will be billed. You have the right to refuse treatment and transport.

What is the Cost of Being Treated and/or Transported by EMS?

Cost is based on the type of service that was provided, either Advanced Life Support (ALS) or Basic Life Support (BLS). There is also a difference if the patient was transported or not.

Cost can be as low as $165 for an aid at scene to a minimum of $740 for a BLS transport for only one mile. Fees are approved by the City Manager.

Where can I find the fees for EMS Service?

  • Assessment – No Transport $165
  • BLS Emergency Transport $725
  • ALS-1 Emergency Transport $775
  • ALS-2 Advanced Life Support $775
  • Mileage – per mile $15
Why is There a Charge when I Pay City Taxes?

The cost to operate Beaumont EMS is funded by the various revenue sources of the City of Beaumont, in addition to fees charged to the patients who use the services.

Beaumont EMS takes all 911 calls seriously, and therefore when anyone initiates a call to 911 the emergency system is activated to dispatch a “unit” to the patient. This takes an ambulance unit “out of service” to respond to any other 911 calls, meaning they cannot go on any other emergency calls until they are “cleared” with the patient and with 911 dispatch. Therefore, that unit is being dispatched solely for the patient’s care and safety; that unit thus became unavailable to any other calls. There is a cost for the activation of the emergency system, the dispatching of a unit and the medical assistance provided to the patient.

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